President of the Czech Republic Extends Unconditional Support to Moldova’s European Integration Path

The head of the Czech state, President Petr Pavel, has conveyed messages of encouragement and unwavering support during the official state visit of President Maia Sandu to Prague.

The President of the Republic of Moldova was received with military honors at Prague Castle, a historic monument and the residence of the Czech President. Petr Pavel mentioned that, through Maia Sandu’s invitation to Prague, the Czech Republic acknowledges Moldova’s stability and its orientation toward the West, especially in a rather critical situation when an aggressive war by Russia is taking place in one of the neighboring countries, and Moldova finds itself in a challenging position as a target of the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, Petr Pavel expressed his conviction that Moldova will attain full EU membership by 2030. The Czech President assured that his country would share all its experiences in the European integration process to help Moldova avoid the same difficulties encountered by the Czech Republic.

“Since 2005, the Republic of Moldova has been a priority for us. Over the past decade, numerous projects have been carried out, ranging from humanitarian aid to the development of various economic sectors, energy security to reduce dependence on Russia, industry, agriculture, and defense, including the modernization of Moldova’s borders and defense forces,” said Petr Pavel during a press conference following their bilateral meeting.


In response, Maia Sandu noted that the Republic of Moldova and the Czech Republic have a strong partnership that both heads of state are eager to further develop. According to Maia Sandu, their discussions focused notably on economic cooperation, which is on the rise.

“Bilateral trade between our countries is growing. Our exports to the Czech Republic are increasing. I am pleased to see that our wines, of which we are proud, are appreciated here. Among EU countries, you are the third-largest market for Moldovan wines,” Maia Sandu stated.

Maia Sandu also expressed her gratitude to President Pavel for the support received from the Czech Presidency of the EU Council after Moldova obtained candidate status.

“The Czech Republic has supported us during difficult times. You provided assistance when we faced a humanitarian crisis at the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. You also provided funds that allowed us to protect the vulnerable from high energy prices,” Maia Sandu remarked.

The President also mentioned other areas of support provided by the Czech Republic, such as the construction of water supply systems and hospital equipment, as well as assistance to farmers.

The two presidents also discussed the situation in Ukraine and the impact of Russia’s brutal war on the entire European continent. Maia Sandu and Petr Pavel declared that the support of the free world to Ukraine must continue, and Russia must be held accountable for the crimes committed.

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