Romania commits to continue supporting Moldova in its pro-European course

Moldova is a special concern for Romania and personally for President Klaus Iohannis. The declaration was made by the Romanian head of state, during the meeting with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, in Bucharest.

“Moldova is a special concern for us, for me. We are not helping them starting this year, but since Romania has been a democratic state and since Moldova firmly committed itself to the pro-European path. Moldova has a president and a pro-European, pro-reform parliamentary majority, we are happy to encourage this path, we do a little more, we help them with expertise, electricity, fuel, wood, and gas, but we are aware that for the simple people of the Republic of Moldova, things are complicated and that is why we are talking with all allies to find ways to help the Republic of Moldova together,” said the President of Romania.


Asked if Russia, by provoking the energy, economic and social crisis, can change the pro-European path of the Republic of Moldova, Iohannis answered:

“I don’t have any signs that changes in the approach of the Republic of Moldova are foreshadowed, on the contrary, people have understood that it is a complicated period, but that does not mean that the reforms are stopping. For us in Romania, the challenge is great, because apart from reforms and support, there is a need to create an infrastructure, interconnection… We are ready to do these things together”.

The meeting of NATO foreign ministers begins on Tuesday, November 29, in Bucharest. Our colleague from the REALITATEA press group, Petru Beregoi, will transmit exclusive and last-minute information from the event.

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