Samantha Power: Moldovans opened their homes and hearts to Ukrainian refugees

Following a meeting with President Maia Sandu, USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced more assistance for Moldova. We are talking about an additional of 50 million dollars, which are meant to help Moldova deal with the long-term consequences of the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis.

“The Moldovan government and the people of Moldova have demonstrated extraordinary generosity and leadership in responding to the refugee crisis from the war in Ukraine, receiving the most refugees from Ukraine per capita. We know that Putin’s war struck not only Ukraine, but also Moldova, blocking Eastern markets, hampering the supply of energy to the country. This assistance will support Moldova’s agriculture, textile industry, the IT sector, the fight against corruption, the national mass media’s fight against the flow of propaganda and disinformation, energy systems and infrastructure,” stated Administrator Power.

According to president Maia Sandu, we should be thankful to all the people that mobilized to help Ukrainian refugees. “Today, Moldova hosts 96,000 refugees from the neighboring country and half of them are children. Over 80,000 were housed by our citizens in their homes. It is a large number of us. Our population during these six weeks grew by almost 4%. We need assistance,” stated the official.

From the beggining of the war, more than 4.3 million refugees have since left Ukraine (as of 5 April 2022) while an estimated 6.5 million people have been displaced within the country (as of 18 March 2022). In total, more than ten million people – approximately one-quarter of the Ukrainian population– had left their homes in Ukraine by 20 March.

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