“Moldova’s LNG Access from the USA via Greece: Energocom and DEPA Memorandum Paves the Way

According to Victor Binzari, the signing of this Memorandum represents the deepening of the fruitful and strategic cooperation between Energocom, the public electricity trader of Moldova, and the Greek company DEPA, as well as a signal of mutual willingness to reach a more profound level of partnership.

“Thus, Energocom will not only be able to meet the domestic market needs of the Republic of Moldova, diversifying its sources and supply routes, but also the energy market of the Republic of Moldova will have access to LNG, including from the United States, brought through terminals in Greece and through the trans-Balkan pipeline to Moldova, Ukraine, and Central Europe. This expanded source access will provide new competitive opportunities for consumers,” said Victor Binzari.

In turn, DEPA Commercial Manager, Konstantinos Xifaras, noted that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Energocom marks the beginning of strategic cooperation between the two companies, facilitating the strengthening of energy solidarity and the diversification of their portfolios.

“The development of the regional gas market and the consolidation of interconnections require closer cooperation between wholesale gas market operators,” added Konstantinos Xifaras.

Energocom began collaboration with DEPA in April of the current year, and, since May, the Greek company has won several tenders and delivered gas to the Republic of Moldova for current consumption and storage in depots.


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