The Customs System of the Republic of Moldova to be Adjusted to EU Standards

The government of the Republic of Moldova has ratified an agreement with the European Union on the country’s participation in the EU Customs Program. The move is aimed at adjusting the Moldovan customs system to meet EU standards and respond more effectively to security threats and cross-border crime. It is also expected to increase international trade.

“Association with the EU Customs Program will contribute to the consolidation of cooperation between the Customs Service and customs authorities in EU member states, in the context of Moldova’s commitments to European integration, which implies the harmonization of policies in the field, the consolidation of administrative capacities, the operation of European electronic systems, as well as the implementation of innovations in the customs policy,” the government stated.

The agreement on Moldova’s participation in the EU Customs Program for customs cooperation was signed in February 2023 in Brussels. It also provides financial support worth 950 million euros, and the program is set to be implemented until 2027.


The ratification of the agreement is a significant step towards the modernization and harmonization of the Moldovan customs system with EU standards. The program aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the customs administration, improve risk management, facilitate trade, and combat fraud and other customs-related offenses.

The implementation of the program will involve the establishment of a modern, risk-based customs management system, the adoption of EU customs legislation, and the development of modern and efficient customs procedures. It will also involve the use of advanced information and communication technologies to support customs operations, including electronic customs clearance, the exchange of information, and the development of interconnection systems with other customs administrations.

In addition to enhancing the capacity of the Customs Service, the program is expected to contribute to the modernization and development of the Moldovan economy, by facilitating international trade, creating new business opportunities, and attracting foreign investment.

The ratification of the agreement has been welcomed by business associations and experts, who see it as a positive step towards the integration of Moldova into the European market and the improvement of the country’s business environment.

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