The Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, Mircea Geoană, is coming to Moldova

From September 13th to 15th, NATO Deputy Secretary-General, Mircea Geoană, will embark on an important visit to the Republic of Moldova. The visit will be marked by a series of crucial meetings with Moldovan officials, underlining the commitment to bolstering cooperation between the two entities.

Geoană’s itinerary during his stay in Moldova will feature meetings with key figures in the Moldovan government, including President Maia Sandu, Prime Minister Dorin Recean, and Speaker Igor Grosu. These interactions are poised to foster closer ties and discussions on matters of mutual interest.

Central to Geoană’s visit will be dialogues with Moldovan officials, focusing on the potential for NATO’s expertise and support in Moldova’s ongoing democratization process. This multifaceted approach includes modernization efforts, measures to combat disinformation, and strengthening the country’s resilience. These discussions align with the Moldovan government’s dedication to enhancing its democratic institutions.


On September 14th, Geoană and Prime Minister Recean will jointly host a press conference, as confirmed by government spokesperson Daniel Vodă. This event will provide a platform to address pressing regional security developments and Moldova’s collaborative efforts with NATO. Vodă also emphasized Moldova’s deep appreciation for the contributions of its North Atlantic partners in fortifying the country’s defense systems.

Despite Moldova’s status as a non-NATO member and its commitment to constitutional neutrality, the nation continues to maintain a cooperative relationship with the military alliance. NATO has been an instrumental supporter of Moldova’s ongoing reforms in defense systems, security structures, and institutional development.

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