The diaspora can play a key role in the development of the home country, says the Ambassador of Germany to Moldova

Today, over one million Moldovans reside permanently abroad. They are well integrated in their chosen countries, yet maintain connections with their homeland and community. This is because integration into another country and commitments to the native land are not mutually exclusive. There can be win-win situations for both countries. These statements belong to the Ambassador of Germany to the Republic of Moldova, Margret Uebber, and were made during the Diaspora Congress, taking place in Chișinău, as reported by IPN.

Margret Uebber mentioned that the diaspora can play a key role in the development of the home country, not only in terms of financial transfers. It’s mainly about the transfer of skills, knowledge, and experiences. The diaspora can establish links between the two countries, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation. We should consider these voices and make the most of them, the diplomat notes. The “Policy Advice Fund” program, implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency in Moldova, aims to utilize this potential in a better, more targeted, and structured way. This allows interaction with the diaspora and brings the Republic of Moldova closer to the European Union.

“I am pleased to see that the Government of the Republic of Moldova recognizes this potential. And I welcome the fact that you have brought representatives of the diaspora to this event. Congratulations on this occasion. It is good to discuss how you can unite your efforts and promote the Republic of Moldova. I want to assure you that Germany is on your side and will continue to support such efforts,” Margret Uebber added.


The Diaspora Congress is organized as part of the Diaspora Days, held in Chișinău from August 18-19. On Saturday, starting at 09:00 AM, entrepreneurs are expected at the Digital Park to participate in the “Diaspora Business Forum,” where they will explore economic trends and investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova. The Diaspora Days will conclude with a theatrical performance at the Chișinău Railway Station, where on August 19, at 6:30 PM, actors from the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre will perform a play on the theme of migration.

The event is supported by the “Policy Advice Fund” project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency in Moldova, GIZ Moldova.

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