The district of Moldova that registered a record amount of explosive objects

In 2022, the engineers of the National Army executed 179 demining missions, following which they detected and destroyed 668 explosive objects and 14,705 cartridges. The largest amount of explosive objects were detected in December 2022, in an agricultural field in the vicinity of Copceac village, Ceadîr Lunga district.

The group of generals, led by Lieutenant Major Mircea Palancea, detected and destroyed 160 munitions at Ceadîr Lunga, including artillery shells, 82 mm caliber grenades, hand grenades, and cartridges.

Another extensive demining mission was executed in August 2022, in the village of Răscăieți, Ștefan Vodă district. As a result of agricultural work in the locality, 100 anti-tank mines, four hand grenades, and an artillery projectile were identified.

All the munitions presented an increased risk to life and were destroyed under maximum security conditions.


Last year, military engineers were most often requested in the Ştefan Vodă, Anenii Noi, Căușeni, Hîncești, and Nisporeni districts. Most of the explosive objects identified were mine launcher bombs, artillery projectiles of different calibers, cartridges, and hand grenades. All the ammunition was from the Second World War period.

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