The EP’s objective is for the accession negotiations between Moldova and the EU to commence by the end of the year says MEP Muresan

The objective of the European Parliament is for the accession negotiations between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union to commence by the end of the year. This statement was made by Romanian MEP Siegfried Mureșan during the 12th Meeting of the European Union – Moldova Civil Society Platform.

“We, the European Parliament, are closely working with other European institutions on this matter during this period. Therefore, we will use the coming weeks to ensure that if the nine reform recommendations conveyed by the European Commission last year are met by the authorities in Chișinău, the European institutions will approve the start of accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova by the end of the year,” stated Mureșan.

The MEP argues that the process of European integration for the Republic of Moldova will bring profound changes to how public administration operates and how society functions.

“Hence, cooperation between authorities and civil society, both in the Republic of Moldova and in other countries within the Union, such as Romania, will be essential to bring the country closer to European Union standards as quickly as possible,” Mureșan contends.


The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, declared on August 28, during a forum held in the Slovenian resort town of Bled, that the European Union must be prepared to admit new member states by 2030.

The six Western Balkan states – Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia – are in various stages of the accession process to the bloc.

During the European Council meeting on June 23, 2022, EU leaders granted candidate country status to the Republic of Moldova. In this context, they invited the European Commission to submit a report to the Council regarding the fulfillment of the conditions outlined in the Commission’s opinion on the Republic of Moldova’s accession request.

Subsequently, an action plan was developed to implement the nine conditions set by the European Commission. The draft plan was discussed during the National Commission for European Integration (CNIE) meeting on July 13, 2022, and was adopted on August 4, 2022.

The action plan contains the next steps to be undertaken by the summer of 2023.

Georgia is also awaiting to receive this status.

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