The European Commission has proposed an extension of the duty suspension for imports from Moldova

The European Commission is proposing to extend the suspension of import duties on products from our country for another year. They are valid from July 2022.

The proposals are to be examined by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The aim is to guarantee a seamless transition from the current Autonomous Trade Measures (ATM) regime to a new one before the expiration of the current rules.

Autonomous trade measures were applied to Moldova on 25 July 2022. According to the European Commission, Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has negatively impacted our country’s exports. This is because our exports have often relied on transit through Ukrainian territory and the neighboring state’s infrastructure.

“The Autonomous Trade Measures have supported Moldova’s efforts to redirect exports through the EU. Overall, Moldova’s exports to the EU increased from €1.8 billion in 2021 to €2.6 billion in 2022,” the Commission notes.

The regulations will apply to seven agricultural products: tomatoes, garlic, table grapes, apples, cherries, plums and grape juice.


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