The European Parliament requests the granting of the status of candidate state to the European Union for the Republic of Moldova

“Moldova is as important for the security and stability of the European Union as Ukraine is. The whole of Europe has seen this in recent months with the launch of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Moldovan authorities and citizens have acted in a European spirit and food, shelter and medical care for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, so my goal from the outset was for everything the European Parliament has to offer Ukraine in terms of the European perspective and For this reason, I initiated this resolution and negotiated it with the other political groups in the European Parliament “, writes Siegfried Mureşan, on social networks.

This resolution is the most ambitious document on the Republic of Moldova ever adopted by an institution of the European Union.

The text of the European Parliament resolution also calls for the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the Single Market of the European Union. By accessing the Single Market, Moldovan products will be able to be freely exported to the European market, more European Union investors will come to the Republic of Moldova, new jobs will emerge and people will enjoy product quality standards at as well as quality standards in European Union countries, writes TVRMoldova.

The costs of managing the refugee crisis are very high for the Republic of Moldova, a country already economically affected by the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as by the energy price crisis artificially triggered by Gazprom. Therefore, in the resolution of the Parliament that will be voted today, the MEPs will also request the increase of the financial support from the European Union for the authorities from Chisinau and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

“At the same time, we propose the creation of a Support Group for the Republic of Moldova similar to the support group created for Ukraine. By setting up this group, we will increase the EU staff in the Republic of Moldova to provide more technical and administrative support “It is very important now, in the context of the process of accession to the European Union. The resolution is supported by the vast majority of political groups in the European Parliament,” the MEP concluded.

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