The Ministry of Environment, on the current level of air pollution

Moldovans can breathe a sigh of relief. The Ministry of the Environment announces that the level of air pollution has improved significantly and the concentrations of the monitored pollutants have fallen within the limits of admissible norms.

According to those in charge, the current indices were conditioned by the reduction of the transport flow during the holidays, the limitation of the activity of companies generating polluting emissions, as well as the weather conditions.

“The influence of atmospheric fronts, the variation of air masses, isolated weak precipitation and the wind from the southeast with intensifications of up to 12-14 m/s contributed to the dispersion of pollutants in the air. Evaluating the general situation regarding the daily observations at the automatic traffic type station, increased concentrations of suspended particles (PM10) can be seen on weekdays and less on rest days”.


According to the latest data provided by the Environment Agency, the average daily value of the fluctuation of PM10 concentrations recorded falls within the established limits. In the event that the concentration of the monitored pollutants will be above the recommended limit, the competent institutions will be informed as a matter of urgency in order to take all the necessary actions.

“In order to ensure effective monitoring of air quality throughout the country, the national air quality monitoring network is to be created, consisting of 18 monitoring stations operating online,” the Ministry of the Environment says.

At the moment, the fluctuation of PM10 concentrations can be found on the website of the Environment Agency.

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