What is the biggest threat for Moldova’s security?

The greatest threat for the security of the Republic of Moldova presented by the Transnistrian region in the current circumstances, is not posed by the leaders from Tiraspol, but by the presence of the 14th Army and the ammunition depot at Cobasna. Statements in this sense were made by the expert of the Promo Lex Association, Alexandru Postică, during the show “Cabinetul din umbră” on jurnal.md.

“Not the leader on the left of the Dniester is the greatest threat at the moment, but those reminiscences of the 14th army and first of all the weapons depot on the left of the Dniester. In addition to the Russian military who are officially there, around 1200 – 2000 soldiers, unofficially there are about 10 thousand, including reservists and members of the so-called Transnistrian army. Most of them have Russian citizenship and have sworn allegiance to Putin. This is where I see the greatest danger,” the expert noted.

Alexandru Postică also revealed that many businessmen, who also have Ukrainian citizenship, have already fled this region and settled in European countries, where they are currently trying to legalize their capital.

“They took advantage of this conflict and using Ukrainian citizenship have already settled in European states that granted asylum to Ukrainian citizens. Based on the information we have, at the current moment they are already resorting to the capital legalization procedures. They settled in Germany, The Netherlands, France and other countries. We also informed the European partners who should sort these refugees considering this fact. Many of those who fled from the left side of the Dniester, having Ukrainian passports, also fought against Ukraine and against the interests of Moldova. If we are to conclude where the danger is, first of all it is in Moscow. If the problem with the Russian Federation is resolved, there will be no serious disputes with the so-called leaders from Tiraspol in the resolution of the Transnistrian dispute,” the expert concluded.


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