EU report: Moldova, lagging in the application of EU policies

Radio Europa Libera published the information from the draft of a European Commission report, which shows that the Republic of Moldova is lagging behind in terms of applying European policies. In the coming weeks, the Union authorities would publish the results of the evaluation for our country, Ukraine and Georgia, regarding the alignment of the legislation with that of the EU.

In the sketch seen by Europa Liberă journalists, it is found that the Chisinau authorities are at the initial stage or have a certain level of preparation in implementing the acquis communautaire or European legislation in almost all chapters of cooperation with the EU. The publication writes that the alignment processes in the financial field, regional policy, environment and public procurement are at an early stage.

Successes, however, can be seen in energy and security and justice. Also, the good level of training is applied to the field of foreign affairs.

The reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Chisinau

The Minister of Foreign Affairs from Chisinau, Nicu Popescu, claims that for now it is an internal document of the European Union. Its final version will be published later.

“This document is based on the responses from May to the questionnaire sent by the authorities to the EU, and the administrative deficiencies circulated are well known to the public and are due to the slow progress of European integration registered by the previous governments. It is important to point out that the representatives of the European Commission strongly recommended to the Council of the EU granting our country the status of a candidate country, which clearly demonstrates the progress already registered by the current government in the field of European integration”, declared Popescu.

The official recalls that the first part of the European Commission’s Opinion was published on June 17, 2022 and covers two chapters – the political criterion and the economic criterion. The second, regarding the transposition of the legislation, is to be published and will assess the situation in 33 areas, but will not include “substantial progress, already achieved after June”.


“It is a first for our country to go through an assessment of the requirements for matching with an EU member state, and it is obvious, just as we announced previously, that the process of European transformation and modernization of our institutions and ensuring administrative training will be a lasting one. At the same time, this report is an excellent road map that shows the state of affairs in each area and will help us to prioritize further policies and decisions. The authorities have already started identifying the arrears in all accession chapters so that we can move forward quickly, and at the same time we are also implementing the 9 recommendations of the European Commission”, Popescu also declares.

In autumn 2023, the European Commission will also publish the “enlargement package”, which will also contain the progress report on the Republic of Moldova, points out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

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