The Republic of Moldova might encounter the scenario in which its natural gas supply will be halted

The Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, said that starting May 1st, Gazprom could stop the delivery of natural gasses to the Republic of Moldova. This scenario might happen because the audit that was planned to be conducted at Moldovagaz will not be completed by May and Moldova will not pay the debts it has to Gazprom without it. 

Spînu said that at the moment Moldovagaz and governmental representatives are involved in a process of negotiation with Gazprom trying to buy some time and to postpone the 1st May deadline stipulated in the protocol.

According to the protocol annexed to the contract signed with Gazprom, Moldova had to conduct an audit of Moldovagaz historical debt and after that to agree the calendar for the debt payment by 1st of May. According to the governmental authorities, this situation was caused due to the fact that foreign audit companies refuse to come to Moldova because of the war in Ukraine.

Andrei Spînu claimed that the Republic of Moldova is preparing for the potential halt of natural gas supply and that Energocom, the state’s authorized energy supplier, will handle gas purchases from the international market. яндекс

The contract with Gazprom stipulates that until the 20th of each month Moldova has to pay the total gas consumption for the previous month plus 50% in advance out of the volume of gas consumption for the current month.

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