The restoration of the vault of the Macri-Donici families – in full swing!

The conservation and restoration works at the tomb of the Macri-Donici families are in full swing, thanks to the European Union Program “Confidence-Building Measures” (EU CBM), implemented by UNDP. Cavoul is one of the 10 cultural-historical sites on both banks of the Dniester, selected for restoration and conservation, within the cultural heritage component of the EU CBM program.

Located in the courtyard of the church “St. Archangel Mihail” from Dubăsarii Vechi, the tomb of the Macri-Donici family was designed by the architect Alexandru Bernardazzi and made in marble and granite by the craftsman A. Tuzini from Odesa, during the years 1882-1883, which is also confirmed by the architect’s signature on one of the walls sides of the cave.


The biggest challenge for the team involved in the restoration process is to preserve the authenticity of the monument and restore it to its former glory. During the restoration work, two graves were discovered in one of the inner walls of the cave. It is assumed that one of these would belong to Limonia Donici, the wife of Nicolae Donici. In order to confirm and document the discoveries, a team of archaeologists was called.

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