The stakes of the election are high! “Shor does not own Gagauzia. The people don’t want to turn against Chisinau”

The stakes in the autumn 2024 elections are high, so it would be beneficial to identify a common ground between the political forces that want Moldova to be good. Otherwise, there are too many disagreements now. Vladislav Kulminski, former deputy prime minister for reintegration and executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives, has expressed a similar view. He believes that Ilan Shor does not have a significant impact on Gagauzia.

“There is a need for greater unity and consensus. We must find a way to bridge the gaps and move forward together. The ‘Pact for Europe’ is a promising initiative, but it will require a more determined and cooperative approach from all parties. This is a challenge that Moldovan politicians will need to take up,” said Vladislav Kulminski.

He posited that, from the pro-European perspective, the only viable candidate for the upcoming election is Moldovan President Maia Sandu.


“It is evident that the main requirements are logical.
These should be constructed upon a foundation of reason, understanding, and calculations to achieve a favorable outcome for Moldova.”
Moreover, Vladislav Kulminski believes that fugitive Ilan Shor does not rule Gagauzia.”

Moreover, Vladislav Kulminski believes that fugitive Ilan Shor does not rule Gagauzia.”I don’t think so. Ordinary people and Gagauzia’s political elite big part do not want autonomy to become a tool against Chisinau. We’re talking about 10-15 people, and I’m not sure people out there agree. Chisinau has to work very hard with those who do not want destabilization. There are no objective factors for clashes between Chisinau and Comrat, but if a third party wants us to fight, we could become enemies…”.

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