Two Absolute Records in the International Trade of the Republic of Moldova: Highest export volume to Romania. See the Lowest

The current year marks a significant moment for Moldova in terms of international trade, with the recording of two absolute records, as noted by economist Veaceslav Ioniță, according to

According to the economist, the Republic of Moldova has reached a historic peak in terms of exports to Romania, reaching an annual value of 1.3 billion USD, according to data available until August. This represents the sixth consecutive year in which Moldova has set absolute export records to a single country.

The trends indicate clear growth for the coming months, strengthening the close trade relationship between the two countries.

On the other hand, Moldova’s exports to Russia have reached a historic low, recording an annual value of only 144 million USD. This marks the lowest level ever recorded since Moldova gained independence. Trends for the coming months seem to continue in this direction, reflecting a more negative dynamic in the trade relationship with Russia rather than a positive one.


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