Unprecedented event in Moldova – International Astronomy Day

On May 6th, in the village of Roșietici, Floresti district, will be organized the “International Day of Astronomy”. Students from all over the country are expected at the event, especially students from local and regional schools. Participants will have the opportunity to make solar and night astronomical observations made by the Dobson telescope with 254 mm main mirror, Maksutov telescope with 104 mm main mirror, Sky-Watcher refracting telescope of 80 mm and a Lunt solar telescope of 80 mm.

It will also be possible to watch documentaries and hold competitions with prizes. The event will also be organized in Soroca on May 7th, starting at 10:30 AM.

Interested persons will be able to observe through optical instruments and accessories of astronomy the main stars of the spring constellations of the northern hemisphere, the Moon, double stars and deep-sky celestial objects (nebulae, swarms of stars and galaxies), and under the guidance of astronomical education specialists. to the two Romanian astro clubs as well as to the scientific specialist from the astronomical observatory of the Technical University of Moldova, students and interested persons can look with the naked eye at the maximum meteor current Eta Aquaridele (popular language: “shooting stars”).

Also, the participants in the event from Roșietici village will have organized excursions in the village valley, on the bank of Răut, to the villages in Roșietici village, where they will participate in retro style photography sessions at the House of the photographer Zaharia Cușnir.

The event is organized at the initiative of the Public Association “Rustic Horizons” from Balti. Interested persons and teachers can register in advance at the e-mail address: asociatia.orizonturirustice@gmail.com.

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