Video Who were the people behind the illegal party funding schemes? Cernateanu statements

Former employees of law enforcement institutions, including retired colonels, were allegedly hired to provide illegal party financing schemes, IGP chief Viorel Chernateanu and PA chief Veronica Dragalin announced at a press conference today.

” Unfortunately, some former employees of armed forces institutions, including retired colonels, were highly trained in specific fields and specialisations. A portion of the 5 million euros was allocated to cover debts related to previous protests. However, some of this funding was also allocated to measures, including those planned for yesterday in Bucharest,” said the head of the Inspectorate General of Police.

The IGP chief stated that in recent months, several measures have been taken to demonstrate the intentions of certain members of criminal groups. These individuals carried out actions through various political parties.


“Conspiratorial apartments were identified where large amounts of money, were distributed in envelopes to couriers who then transported the money to the territory. At the time of the arrest, the individual was found with 600,000 lei in their apartment. Law enforcement officers discovered over 5 million lei,” as stated by Cernateanu.

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