Gutsul has announced his return to Moldova after meeting with Putin. Government: Does not serve the interests of citizens

“Visiting the Kremlin does not serve the interests of citizens.” Government spokesman Daniel Voda commented on Evgenia Gutsul’s meeting with the Russian leader.

The Republic of Moldova aims for peace, stability, and prosperity for all its citizens as it moves towards European integration.

The authorities have issued a warning to society regarding Russia’s intentions. They have called for vigilance and advised people to seek information from official sources, rather than being manipulated by the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation and its controlled influence-peddlers or their minions.

Together, we will move towards a secure, peaceful, and prosperous future for all citizens of our country,” said government spokesman Daniel Voda.

Meanwhile, Evgenia Gutsul has announced her return to Moldova following her meeting with Putin in Sochi. The Bashkan noted that the response of the Chisinau government did not come as a surprise.

” In a criminal case, there was discussion in court about my being denied entry into Moldova or being arrested directly at the airport. These actions are attempts to intimidate us, but they will not succeed. I plan to return to Moldova, specifically to Gagauzia. (…) I will provide a detailed explanation during the briefing in Chisinau. See you at home,” Gutsul stated.

On Wednesday evening, the governor of Gagauzia published a photo of herself with Vladimir Putin. Later, Dmitrii Peskov confirmed the meeting between the two, and the official from Comrat was harshly criticized for deciding to meet the Russian leader.


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