Wheat varieties in Moldova are more resistant to drought than imported ones

Nicanor Buzovoi is an agricultural producer in our country who has been cultivating wheat of local varieties for many years and says that they offer a number of advantages over imported ones, such as drought and frost resistance, but also the purchase price, writes Diez.md.

Moreover, he says that local varieties can also offer an economic advantage. This depends on the timely completion of the works and full compliance with the agro-technological recommendations. Given that there were no rains last autumn and it was sown in dry soil, the wheat has already sprouted in the spring, and is currently in the twinning stage. Because of this, the harvest could decrease by 10-20 percent, but it depends on several factors, including the previous crop, the quality of the soil, and could even be offset by the agro-meteorological conditions.

“The local varieties cope, they are good, and the purchase price of the seed material is more convenient. I use not only wheat seeds, but also local corn. We had results of 7.5 tons per hectare of wheat, and last year we harvested 11 tons of grain per hectare for corn “, mentioned Nicanor Buzovoi.

For five years, the “Selection” Research Institute for Field Crops has carried out a comparative analysis of wheat varieties of local origin and from neighboring regions, but also from European countries. It showed that, in favorable years, some imported varieties have a high production potential, and in the dry ones, as there are often in our country, they significantly lose their productivity compared to the domestic ones, which offers a higher degree of stability.

On the experimental lots of the institute, the local varieties exceeded the productivity level of those from abroad. They are also better adapted to the environmental conditions of our country, especially to climate change, which is confirmed in the agricultural season of 2020, which was dry, but also in 2021, with excess humidity.

During its almost 80 years of existence, ICCC “Selection” has created more than 370 varieties and hybrids of different crops – wheat and barley in autumn and spring, alfalfa, sunflower, soybeans, beans, peas, sugar beet.

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