Will Evgenia Gutul be detained? Masked men surrounded the airport before landing in Chisinau

Masked men surrounded the airport before Evghenia Gutul landed in Chisinau. According to sources from “Realitatea,” the ship is expected to arrive soon.

According to information shared on Telegram channels, it has been reported that cars are not permitted to access the airport. Entrances to the air station may be blocked as an added precaution.

Previously, Gutul announced his intention to return to Chisinau and hold a briefing. The governor of Gagauzia announced that she had a meeting with the Kremlin leader during her visit to Russia.


Evghenia Guțul’s husband was spotted at the airport with flowers.Evghenia Gutul’s discussions with the Russian leader have been strongly criticised in public. Meanwhile, the plane carrying the Bashkana took off from Istanbul and landed in Chisinau, according to Flightradar.

Speaking to “Realitatea,” Viorel Chernateanu said that the police had nothing to do with the arrival of Evghnia Gutul from Russia, that he did not think that too much importance should be attached to the Bashkan of Gagauzia and that the police were always present at the airport.

In addition, the female individuals who came to greet the governor were given a flower by the law enforcement officers.

Evghenia Gutul has arrived in Chisinau. The governor of Gagauzia has not been arrested. She states that she has not committed any illegal acts and plans to hold a briefing in the coming days.

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