A new strategy to strengthen the energy security of the Republic of Moldova?

The Minister of Infrastructure, Andrei Spînu, and the Secretary of State, Constantin Borosan, announced a new strategy for the energy security of the Republic of Moldova to be implemented by 2050.

According to the strategy, it is about increasing the energy security of the Republic of Moldova, developing a competitive energy procurement market, focusing on renewable energy, and also protecting the country’s consumers in order to cope with prices.

Asked where the Republic of Moldova will get money for the implementation of energy security projects, Spînu said that he is betting on European funds, given that the country has candidate status.

The State Secretary, Constantin Borosan, said that to ensure energy security, an 80-100MW power plant is to be built to balance the energy system, but also a cogeneration station with 250 MW power – the construction of which is promised to be done in 5-7 years.


“The interconnection with Romania and Ukraine will be completed, the Vulcănești-Chisinau high-voltage line and the development of the study for the construction of the Bălți – Suceava line will be completed,” Borosan pointed out.

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