Maia Sandu demands that all the institutions be on high alert for energetic sector matters

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, called yesterday the meeting of the country’s Supreme Security Council (CSS). As part of it, energy security risks were analyzed following the destruction of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, due to the massive bombings launched in recent weeks by the Russian Federation.

CSS members listened to the information the responsible institutions presented, including regarding the situation created after the massive disconnections of yesterday, November 23. They also analyzed the contingency plans put in place by the authorities to ensure the continuity of electricity and natural gas supply to citizens, the economy, and public institutions throughout the country.

President Maia Sandu asked all institutions to increase the degree of alertness regarding the identification and prompt remediation of incidents in the energy sector, in such a way that citizens and the business environment feel safe.


The Council recommended to the Government (1) to update the plan to reduce technical vulnerabilities related to the supply of electricity and thermal energy, (2) to mobilize all electricity and thermal energy generation capacities, (3) to adapt the development organization processes and the implementation of policies in the energy field and (4) to ensure, in real-time, communication with critical infrastructure operators in the public and private fields.

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