Ana Revenco, Natalia Gavrilița, and Igor Grosu after the Brovary tragedy: Condolences to the Ukrainian people!

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Ana Revenco, as well as other officials of the Republic of Moldova, sent their condolences to the families of the team of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, who died in a combat mission, on board a helicopter that crashed near Kyiv.

Ana Revenco

In a message posted on Facebook, Revenco wrote that she is saddened and pained by the products.

“As of today, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Denis Monastyrsky, the deputy, Evgheni Yenin, the Secretary of State, Iuri Lubkovitsi, and the crew of the aircraft have passed among the heroes. I am full of sadness and pain because I made a good team with my Ukrainian counterpart – a young man, determined and ready for the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Unfortunately for Ukraine and for us, this has happened – Minister Monastyrsky can no longer fight for his country. He is, starting today, included in the heroes’ honor book”, the minister’s message states.

The MIA encourages the Ukrainian internal affairs system to continue the struggle of resistance and defense of the homeland, in honor of the missing, who made their country resist the war, even through the ultimate sacrifice. Dear colleagues, we assure you that we will always be your partners in good times and in bad times, said the Minister of the Interior Ministry.

“Condolences to the families of the children and educators who perished in the tragic accident caused by the helicopter crash. Had it not been for the war, this would not have happened. May God rest in peace all those who died in the tragic accident this morning”, concluded Revenco.

Natalia Gavrilita

Also, the Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilița writes that she is “thinking of the bereaved families”.

“I learned with great sadness the news of the crash of a helicopter in the Kyiv region. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and his colleagues, as well as civilians, including children, fell victim to this tragedy. I address, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and myself, my most sincere condolences to the Government and the Ukrainian people. My thoughts are with the bereaved families. I wish the injured a speedy recovery”, notes Gavrilița.

Igor Grosu

And speaker Igor Grosu sent a message of condolences to the Ukrainian people.
“New tragic news from Kyiv, 18 people died and at least 29 were injured after a helicopter fell on a kindergarten in Brovari, a suburb of the Ukrainian capital. I convey my condolences to the Ukrainian leadership and the Ukrainian people for this loss,” the Speaker of the Parliament wrote on social media.


We remind you that a helicopter crashed in the town of Brovary in Ukraine. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv, his deputy Denis Monastîrski and the secretary of state died.

The Ukrainian authorities announced that there are 16 dead, including two children. The aircraft belonged to the State Emergency Service of the neighboring country and fell on the morning of January 18.

There are 22 people, including 10 children, hospitalized. Special services intervene on the spot and carry out investigations and checks.

The reason for the fall has not yet been announced. The aircraft was carrying out a mission, without specifying its type, and there are several such helicopters, the authorities in Kyiv inform.

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