Maia Sandu asks world leaders to support Ukraine

Maia Sandu asks world leaders to help Ukraine. The message was sent by the President of the Republic of Moldova at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Sandu is confident that our country will survive democratically only within the European Union, reports the press from Romania.

“We must help Ukraine, all together. Let’s help her to win this war, otherwise, we will all be in danger”, declared Maia Sandu.

The leader from Chisinau also spoke about energy blackmail, especially gas, noting that dependence on the Russian Federation is devastating for the Republic of Moldova, and citizens who have low incomes pay seven times more for gas.

“We value peace and freedom. Enlargement will make the European Union stronger. Because the EU needs peace and stability in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The Republic of Moldova’s chance to survive as a democracy is only in the EU. Ukraine has shown that it pays the highest price for democracy and European values. The Moldovans are doing everything in their power”, Sandu pointed out.

The World Economic Forum in Davos takes place from January 16-20. Maia Sandu already had meetings with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the head of the EBRD, and invited the Swiss leader to Chisinau.


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