Crisis Management Center presents the numbers. How many humanitarian lots did Moldova receive?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our country has received 587 humanitarian consignments intended for refugees. They have a total value of over 323 million lei. The announcement was made by the head of the Crisis Management Center (CUGC), Adrian Efros, during a press conference.

“To help Ukraine and its citizens, but also to support the host community in our country, the Republic of Moldova opened a treasury account where more than 162 million lei have been collected so far. From this amount, the transportation of refugees, the maintenance of placement and temporary shelter centers and the unlocking of material reserves from the state reserve were ensured. At this moment, the total amount accumulated is allocated 73 percent of the total amount”, said the head of the Single Center for Crisis Management.

74 temporary placement centers operate in our country. In all centers, refugees are accommodated free of charge and have access to all necessary services.

“In these 6 months more than 65 thousand people were registered and accommodated in the 130 temporary refugee placement centers opened since the beginning of the war. Today in our country there are still 74 active placement centers with a total capacity of 5,500 places and 6 placement centers under the management of the Migration and Asylum Bureau within the MAI with a capacity of 2,000 places”, Adrian Efros pointed out.

At the same time, people from Ukraine have access to medical services in our country.


“During this period February 24 – August 20, almost 20 thousand requests for primary, emergency or hospital medical assistance were registered. Of these no less than 9,201 were given to children and over 3,200 to pregnant women. 129 women from Ukraine gave birth in our country”, says the head of the Single Center for Crisis Management.

Currently, there are almost 80 thousand refugees from Ukraine on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

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