Dmitrii Constantinov complains that his diplomatic passport was canceled after Shor’s congress. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a denial

After attending the Congress of Parties Associated with Shor in Moscow, the Chairman of The Gagauz People’s Assembly made a public statement to the media expressing his discontent about the autonomy, stating that he had had his diplomatic passport revoked. In response, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a statement refuting the official’s claims.

“When I flew on Saturday, everything was fine with the papers. But on my return, when I presented my diplomatic passport, they said that they had to verify my data, and in half an hour, they told me to take note that my diplomatic passport was withdrawn,” Constantinov said, quoted by

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Dmitrii Constantinov’s diplomatic passport is still valid, according to a report IPN.


It is pertinent to mention that following the event organized by Shor in Moscow, party activists engaged in a public display of disobedience at the airport, accusing the government and the police of exerting undue pressure. Border police reported that they deemed the situation hostile after being asked to inspect their luggage.

The Chief of the National Police and the Chief Prosecutor for Combating Organised Crime and Special Cases pointed out that each courier was rewarded with €300 to €500 for the delivery of the money. The perpetrators tried to bring in the principal amount through the airport. They also transported money by land transport. The raids seized more than 20 million lei in various currencies.

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