EBRD Grants €600,000 to Boost Moldova’s Solid Waste Management Project

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced a €600,000 grant for the implementation of the “Solid Waste in Moldova” project. This non-repayable financial assistance complements the loan agreement signed earlier in 2023, where the EBRD granted Moldova a €25 million credit for the mentioned project.

The €600,000 grant will be allocated to various essential consultancy services to ensure the smooth progress of the project. This includes covering costs for strengthening the Project Implementation Unit’s capacity, assistance in public procurement, tendering, and contract implementation, support for compliance and reporting obligations, as well as the implementation of environmental and social aspects associated with the project.

The “Solid Waste in Moldova” project aims to implement a national program for developing the necessary infrastructure for effective solid waste management in the country. The allocated funds will contribute to acquiring bins and containers for waste collection, vehicles for their transportation, the construction of sorting and composting stations, as well as the closure of unauthorized waste dumps.


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