European Commissioner for Energy in Chisinau: Promises to make light and gas more affordable

European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson says in Chisinau that we will have more affordable resources. The official said that as of 2021, our country would benefit from the support of about 1.2 billion euros.

“We discussed the fact that Moldova has become more efficient in terms of investment, and energy will be more affordable in the medium and long term for the population. Reconfirm our commitment to the Republic of Moldova in the field of energy. The European Commission has provided around €1.2 billion from December 2021, which includes support for the security of supply.”. During the joint press conference with Victor Parlicov, Simpson explained how the government was able to support vulnerable households.

“We are dedicated to expediting the development of electricity interconnections, with a focus on timely construction of the 400 kV Vulcanesti-Chisinau and Balti-Suceava overhead power lines. Additionally, we will proceed with the third 400 kV Straseni interconnection. Moldova will also explore the possibility of proposing the Balti-Suceava 400 kV interconnection for the EU list of projects of mutual interest, as well as the third power line.

The European Commission has restated its commitment to supporting the Republic of Moldova in its efforts to reform the energy sector and develop its energy infrastructure. This includes a request for up to €10 million for the Residential Energy Efficiency Fund in its first year of operation, as well as an additional €3 million for technical assistance to the National Centre for Sustainable Energy. The National Centre for Sustainable Energy will serve as a national focal point for the energy efficiency needs of the country, including the residential sector, and as a trustworthy body,” said Victor Parlicov.


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