IGPF and FRONTEX work side by side

During this August, Border Police employees and FRONTEX (European Border Police and Coast Guard Agency) officers carried out joint operational activities, with the aim of combating illicit motor vehicle traffic. In total, nine cars and two forged documents were seized.

The basic task of the operation was the accumulation of information through the lens of the criminal analysis of suspected persons, including the interviewing procedure, the thorough verification of the means of transport and documents for motor vehicles, as well as the permanent monitoring of the operational situation, in order to prevent and combat possible cases of illicit transport traffic.

The mixed teams acted on several routes in the border area, as well as at the Leușeni, Sculeni and Palanca state border crossing points.


As a result, nine vehicles were seized from the territories of the border subdivisions, until the circumstances are clarified and a legal decision is made. Three of the cars were found to be stolen and featured in the smuggling files. Two vehicles had modified the VIN Code number by stamping, two had forged registration certificates, and two other cars were discovered on the INTERPOL record.

The estimated value of the cheapest car is about ten thousand euros, and the most expensive – about 20 thousand euros.

The Border Police mentions that the teams made up of investigative officers, employees of the Regional Directorates and FRONTEX officers will continue to collaborate in the future.

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