Justice for expelled Turkish teachers. They regained the right to enter Moldova

The documents regarding the procedure of expulsion of the Turkish teachers, extradited from the Republic of Moldova in 2018, were re-examined. As a result, the Office for Migration and Asylum announces that the persons concerned may enter our country and be on its territory.

The decision to overturn the bans imposed on them follows the ECtHR ruling. The decision to declare the teachers undesirable was also revoked.

“Following the re-examination of the documents, corroborating the factual and legal circumstances, the decisions to declare the teachers as undesirable persons were annulled. Respectively, the mentioned foreigners have the right to enter and be on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the provisions of Law 200/2010 on the regime of stay in the Republic of Moldova “, informs the Office of Migration and Asylum.

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In September 2018, seven Turkish teachers from Orizont High School in Chisinau and Ceadir-Lunga were detained while leaving for work, and then expelled. Authorities accused them of links to Islamist organizations, even if the events took place before Erdogan’s visit to Moldova. In the country of origin, the Turkish teachers were convicted and sent to prison. Only one of the seven teachers was freed from prison last year.

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