Marina Tauber and Ilan Sor, deprived of Parliamentary Immunity

MP Marina Tauber, togethere with Ilan Sor, were deprived of thier parliamentary immunity in today’s plenary sitting of the Moldovan parliament. They were accused of money laundering and fraud, after taking non-performing loans, which led to a colossal damage to the three banks – BEM, Banca Sociala and Unibank, looted in 2014, following the “theft of the billion”.

According to the interim general prosecutor, Dumitru Robu, who read the request from the rostrum of the Parliament, Mariana Tauber, would have contracted in 2012 the amount of 41 million euros and 27 million dollars, in the form of credits, and in 2014 simulated their return.

Subsequently, Marina Tauber allegedly took a loan from a bank in the Russian Federation “AlifBank”, in the amount of 5 million dollars, money that she was going to use to buy a plot of land in the city of Ialoveni. The prosecutor mentioned that, as a result of this loan, the real estate was not bought in this way.

“In the first half of 2012, Ilan Șor decided to create an organized criminal group to commit crimes of stealing money from the banking system of the Republic of Moldova, in order to finance economic activities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad, to provide finances to the members of the organized criminal group as well as the financing of the criminal activity of this group and of the criminal organization led by Vladimir Plahotniuc and by the persons whose identities have not been established at the moment. In this way, the organized criminal group led by Ilan Șor, being assisted in their criminal activity by other persons, including Marina Tauber, obtained, used and integrated fraudulently obtained financial means, used to increase their properties both on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and in other states, and the burden of financial responsibility has been placed on the national public budget. In the context of those mentioned, I request the approval of the lifting of the parliamentary immunity in order to detain, arrest, search and prosecute “, the interim general prosecutor has stated.

We remind you that, in the Parliament of the Xth Legislature, the deputy Marina Tauber was left without parliamentary immunity, being suspected in the same criminal case, but later the case was closed, without any purpose. We will keep an eye on how things will happen this time and will keep you updated!

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