Mission accomplished! The KFOR-16 contingent returned home

The sixteenth National Army contingent, deployed in the KFOR peacekeeping operation, has returned from Kosovo. On this occasion, Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii congratulated the 40 peacekeepers and decorated them with awards and diplomas for their excellent performance and for their contribution to maintaining peace and stability in a multinational theater of operations.

“Through the quality of the missions carried out in six months, you have shown that the National Army has well-trained officers, sergeants and soldiers, trained in accordance with Western standards, ready to act in international stabilization and peacekeeping operations. I urge you to share with the soldiers from the National Army units the experience learned from colleagues from other armies and thus contribute to achieving the goal of transforming the defense institution into a modern one, able to fulfill its constitutional missions “, said Anatolie Nosatii.


Also during the ceremony, three officers of the National Army from the 15th Moldovan contingent, who was in KFOR during 2020-2021, received the “Peace” medal from the Italian Command of the mission.

The event was attended by the Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Eduard Ohladciuc, as well as the corps of military attachés accredited for the Republic of Moldova.

The 40-strong KFOR-16 contingent has been in Kosovo for six months. They carried out security and guard, patrol and genius missions.

The KFOR peacekeeping mission is led by the North Atlantic Alliance, in accordance with UN Resolution 1244.

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