Antony Blinken: We welcome the status of an EU candidate country

“The democratic processes in the Republic of Moldova and the implementation of the necessary reforms for the irreversible rapprochement of our country with the European Union will continue to be supported by the United States of America.” A statement to this effect was made by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at a meeting with Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița.

During the meeting, Natalia Gavrilița discussed the economic, social and security challenges facing the Republic of Moldova and listed the current major priorities, in particular supporting low-income people and ensuring energy security.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the actions taken to implement reforms in the judiciary, fight corruption and strengthen state institutions, but also about the necessary assistance in implementing reforms in strategic areas.

According to the Prime Minister, ensuring the well-being of citizens and supporting vulnerable groups is currently a priority for the Executive, with the authorities also focusing on managing the energy crisis, ensuring food security and reorienting trade.

“We are working to continue the process of modernizing the country and to implement the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova, following the decision to grant our country the status of candidate for EU membership. Now, we have an even greater responsibility towards our citizens who aspire to be part of a space of peace, stability and the family of the EU states “, said Natalia Gavrilița.

For his part, Anthony Blinken mentioned that the transformations initiated by the Executive are viewed with great optimism by the United States of America, which will remain with our country and provide support for priority reforms.

“We see a government with a strong agenda for strengthening democracy, fighting corruption, and ensuring energy security – all areas that the United States fully supports,” said Anthony Blinken.

The US official noted the support shown by Moldovan people and families for refugees in Ukraine and spoke about the need to support the Chisinau authorities in managing the humanitarian and food crisis.


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