Moldova Adopts Law to Sanction Human Rights Violators, Including Leaders

The Republic of Moldova will have the right to impose sanctions on both countries and individuals who violate human rights. Sanctions will also be applied to heads of states, deputies, judges, military personnel, as well as members of royal families. According to the new legislative provisions adopted today by Parliament, sanctioned individuals will have their accounts blocked and will not have the right to transit or be present on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

“The main subjects targeted by the bill and for whom international restrictive measures may be applied are individuals and legal entities from within and outside the country who have committed universally sanctioned acts worldwide, such as assassinations or acts of torture against individuals who have attempted to expose illegal actions committed by foreign public officials or who, through their activities, sought to defend human rights recognized worldwide,” the Parliament’s statement said.

Among the subjects are individuals who, in the exercise of an important public function at the national or international level, are responsible or complicit in ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing massive acts of corruption.

In the case of states, restrictions on import, export, and transit may be imposed, and economic relations may be partially or completely suspended.

Decisions regarding alignment with international sanctions will be adopted by a supervisory council, led by the prime minister and including six other ministers: Justice, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Finance, Economic Development, Infrastructure, and the leaders of law enforcement agencies – directors of the SIS, CNA.

“The adoption of this document is part of the action plan for implementing the recommendations of the European Commission in the opinion on the Republic of Moldova’s application for accession to the European Union,” emphasized Olesea Stamate, the president of the Legal Affairs, Appointments, and Immunities Committee.

Russia considers that the decision of the Republic of Moldova to join the EU sanctions against it represents a hostile step aimed at destroying ties with the administration in Moscow and will retaliate, announced the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

The amendment to the Law on the Application of International Restrictive Measures was voted on in the second reading by 62 deputies.


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