Public Perception: Moldova Values External Aid for National Progress

Almost 50 percent of respondents in a survey mentioned that they are to some extent aware of the financial assistance that the Republic of Moldova receives from abroad, and over 70 percent consider the European Union to be the country’s largest external donor.

According to the study “Perception of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova regarding the mechanism of cost compensation for the cold period of the year,” about 49 percent of respondents answered that they totally or mostly agree that, thanks to external assistance, our country is developing despite the war in Ukraine. Over 41 percent of those surveyed largely agree that our country needs external financial assistance, and 63 percent state that without the financial help of external partners, the Republic of Moldova will not progress, commented Vadim Pistrinciuc, the executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives.

“Whether it is repayable or non-repayable assistance, grants or loans, people seek information and are interested. In general, people understand very well that without money from abroad, they cannot develop. In the difficult moments we are in, with the ongoing war affecting the entire economy of Europe, people appreciate this. In general, they clearly see that the development gap between the Republic of Moldova at the moment and what people want to happen cannot be bridged without this external support.”

The data also reveal that television is the main source from which citizens learn about the financial assistance offered by external partners.

It should be noted that the study was conducted by iData on a sample of 1,130 people aged 18 and over. The data were collected through face-to-face interviews from August 16 to September 5 in 72 selected localities, and the margin of error is approximately 3 percent.


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