Severe Weather Chaos: 165 Localities in 15 Districts Left Without Power in Extreme Conditions

165 localities in 15 districts are without electricity, announces Premier Energy. According to the source, heavy snowfall and strong wind gusts have put pressure on the resilience of electrical grids, and operational intervention teams are facing difficulties because they do not have access to electrical installations. The roads are uncleared, the source notes. Consumers are urged to show patience and understanding.

“The unleashed storm with extreme intensity has not only put pressure on the resilience of electrical grids but has also severely tested operational intervention teams, which are making great efforts to restore electricity supply in the affected localities. In conditions of strong winds and blizzards, they continue to eliminate the numerous malfunctions caused by trees fallen over the electrical grids,” informs the electricity provider.

In the southern part of the country, visibility is extremely low, almost zero, due to snowfall. In this context, the State Road Administration recommends drivers to travel with maximum caution, keep distance between vehicles, and, as much as possible, avoid travel. At the same time, the police report that the R-30 route, the Anenii Noi – Căușeni section, is blocked. Masked officers from the BPDS “Fulger” have also been deployed to remedy the situation. At the same time, a truck and two off-road vehicles are heading towards Anenii Noi and Căușeni.

Drivers are repeatedly urged to report any incidents or blocked roads for quick intervention.


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