Moldova-Bulgaria Partnership Yields Grants for Student Transportation and Technological Advancements

The Minister of Education and Research, Dan Perciun, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding grant agreements for projects implemented between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Bulgaria. Two of the projects outlined in the Memorandum focus on providing transportation for students in Taraclia to educational institutions and equipping schools with computer technology. The total value of the grants offered for general education is over 300,000 euros, as announced by the Ministry of Education and Research.

“The measures outlined in the projects are very important, especially providing transportation for children attending a better school in Taraclia. This fits perfectly into the current strategy of the ministry regarding providing access to quality education for all children. At the same time, the provision of modern equipment will offer young people the opportunity to develop IT skills demanded by the labor market and cope with the challenges of the century,” stated Dan Perciun.

Specifically, the project “Transport Rehabilitation: Improving Student Mobility in Taraclia” aims to increase the transportation rate of students in the Taraclia district by 20% in the academic year 2024-2025. Three transport units will be procured for 474 students in preschool, primary, secondary, and high school education. The minibuses will transport students from the localities of Novoselovca, Balabanu, Cairaclia, Aluatu, Albota de Sus, Taraclia, and Carbolia to the Budăi School and the “Ivan Vazov” Theoretical High School in Taraclia.

The project “Advancing Education in the Taraclia District through Technology” will involve equipping 5 schools in Taraclia with laptops and interactive boards.

Two other projects funded by Bulgaria will benefit institutions in higher and technical professional education. Study block No. 2 of the State University of Taraclia will be renovated, and at the Professional School in the village of Ciumai in the Taraclia district, learning environments will be improved through repairs, arrangements, and necessary equipment for quality educational processes.


On behalf of the Republic of Bulgaria, the agreements were signed by Her Excellency Maya Dobreva, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Moldova, and on behalf of the Republic of Moldova, Victor Parlicov, the Minister of Energy.

“It is a bilateral cooperation for the benefit of Bulgarians in the Republic of Moldova. With Bulgaria’s support, we want to ensure that Bulgarians in the Taraclia district feel the benefits of integration into the EU, where Bulgaria is, and where the Republic of Moldova is heading. I am pleased that the projects we are signing today are very diverse and cover areas such as education, energy, environment, public information, etc.,” emphasized Victor Parlicov.

During the signing ceremony of the Memorandum with Bulgaria, 8 agreements were concluded, one of which focuses on informing the population in the Taraclia and Cahul regions about the assistance and projects of the European Union in the energy sector.

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