Moldova has obtained the Special ECMT Authorization Quota for 2023

The National Transport Agency announces that the Republic of Moldova has obtained the Special Quota of ECMT authorizations for 2023. Andrei Spinu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, within the Council of Ministers of the International Transport Forum (FIT) 2022, which had held on May 18-19, 2022, in Leipzig, Germany, submitted a request from the Republic of Moldova for support for the granting of a Special Quota of at least 25 ECMT multilateral authorizations.

For the decision, the subject was addressed at the meeting of the Road Transport Group of the FIT, which took place on June 23-24, in Paris, where the representatives of the delegations of 43 Member States were present. The Delegation of the Republic of Moldova presented the necessary information and detailed arguments on the need for the Special Authorization Quota, given the difficult situation of Moldovan transport operators and the difficulties they face in performing international road transport in the context of current realities in the region.

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As a result, by unanimous vote, the FIT Member States decided to grant the Republic of Moldova for 2023 a Special Quota of 50 basic ECMT authorizations, which according to the multiplication coefficients will be transformed into authorizations for EURO V and EURO VI trucks. We would like to mention that the basic quota granted annually to the Republic of Moldova is 150 ECMT authorizations.

Depending on the evolution of events in Ukraine, the Special Quota may be extended for the period 2024-2025, but not more than 3 consecutive years, according to the regulations established within the ECMT Multilateral Quota System.

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