Moldova Joins EU Sanctions Against Iran for Supplying Drones to Russia

Moldova, Ukraine, and eight other countries have announced their accession to the new framework of sanctions imposed by the European Union against Iran, in the context of this country’s military support to the Russian Federation.

The decision was made following an emergency meeting of the European Council and comes in response to growing concerns regarding Iran’s involvement in supplying military equipment and technology for Russian operations.

The package of sanctions includes drastic measures aimed at limiting Iran’s ability to contribute to the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, a crucial technology for modern military operations. The export of components used in these aircraft to Iran will be prohibited from the EU space, and individuals and entities involved in the production program of these aircraft will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes.


The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, stated that this decision represents an important step in strengthening solidarity among the countries affected by the aggressive actions of Iran and the Russian Federation. In an interview with Radio Free Europe, he emphasized that Moldova has gradually begun to adopt the sanctions imposed by the EU regarding the conflict in Ukraine and that joining the new restrictive measures against Iran is a step toward establishing peace and security in the region.

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