Moldova Set to Receive €48.7 Million Non-Repayable Assistance from Germany

The Republic of Moldova could benefit from non-repayable assistance worth €48.7 million, offered by Germany, for energy efficiency, water supply, and sanitation projects.

The members of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission have approved the advisory opinion to initiate negotiations for the conclusion of an Agreement with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, which provides for the provision of this financial support.

“The funds will be used to finance two projects: ‘Ecological Energy Production and Energy Efficiency’ (€38.7 million) and ‘Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal in Cahul II District’ (€10 million). The majority of the funds will be invested in a national program for the energy rehabilitation of the real estate assets in the Republic of Moldova, which includes both public institutions (kindergartens, schools, municipal and district hospitals) and residential buildings. The project aims to improve the energy performance indicators of the buildings, including the rehabilitation of heating, ventilation, thermal energy distribution systems, as well as lighting systems,” announced the legislature.


In addition, €10 million granted by the German Government will be redirected to finance the “Water Supply and Sanitation in Cahul II District” project.

Additional funding sources are necessary to cover the budget deficit for the project, which involves the installation of a new main water pipeline from SP-1 Prut to the water treatment plant, the rehabilitation of certain water supply segments in Cahul municipality, the expansion of the sanitation system in the locality, and the renovation of two sewage pumping stations.

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