Moldova’s Ambassador in Bucharest, Victor Chirilă, Advances Investment Talks with American Chamber of Commerce

Victor Chirilă, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Bucharest, held a meeting on Wednesday with Letiția Pupăzeanu, the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania).

The focus of the discussion revolved around attracting Romanian-American investments across the Prut River. Both parties reached an agreement on “organizing events to inform AmCham Romania members about investment opportunities in the strategic sectors of the Republic of Moldova: energy, IT, transportation, agriculture, and the food industry.”

AmCham Romania stands as one of the most prominent professional business associations, bringing together over 530 American, international, and local companies across 32 sectors, with a combined turnover of 65 billion euros.


This initiative underscores the ongoing efforts to strengthen economic ties and foster mutual collaboration between Moldova and Romania, particularly in key sectors that hold potential for growth and development. The strategic partnership aims to create a conducive environment for Romanian-American investments in Moldova, contributing to the economic advancement of both nations.

As discussions progress, further details about the planned events and collaborative ventures between AmCham Romania and the Republic of Moldova are anticipated to emerge, marking a significant step toward enhancing bilateral economic cooperation.

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