Photo The North Atlantic Alliance has donated thousands of medical kits and tourniquets to the National Army

The National Army has received a consignment of medical equipment through the Defence Capability Enhancement Package (DCBI), a program funded by the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that the assistance, which includes 4,000 individual medical kits, 12,000 tourniquets, and 60 collective medical kits, will be distributed to military units. This donation is intended to strengthen the medical capabilities of the National Army.

In his address to the assembled guests, Defence Minister Anatoly Nosatii expressed gratitude to the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Turkey, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as NATO representatives, for their invaluable contributions and implementation of this significant project for the National Army.

“This assistance, among many others, provides an illustrative example of the 30-year partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the North Atlantic Alliance, as evidenced by the implementation of various programs and initiatives in our country. These initiatives have been designed to benefit the citizens of Moldova,” Minister Nosatii said.


The Ministry of Defence says the DCBI project for the National Army is worth €700,000.

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