President Sandu condemns Russia’s recent attacks on Ukraine: “International support is crucial”

President Maia Sandu strongly condemns the recent massive attack launched by the Russian army on Ukraine. In a post on the X platform, the head of state emphasized that “unwavering international support is crucial for Ukrainians to defend their sovereignty and people.”

“As the year 2024 begins, Russia’s brutal attacks on Ukrainian cities continue, causing death and destruction. Moldova strongly condemns this aggression and stands firmly with Ukraine. Unwavering international support is crucial for Ukrainians to defend their sovereignty and people,” is the president’s message.

Several powerful explosions were heard on Tuesday morning in Kyiv as Russia launched multiple missiles toward the Ukrainian capital, according to the Ukrainian army, as reported by AFP.

The military administration of the city stated that fragments of downed missiles fell in several neighborhoods, including residential buildings. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that power was interrupted in several areas of the capital.

Air raid alerts have been issued nationwide due to the threat posed by Russian bombers.


The strikes also affected the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, said the head of the military organization, Oleg Sinegubov.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that four people were killed, and at least 92 were injured in the Russian attack.

“For the third day already, our air defenders are doing incredible work. Thanks to all the partners who help strengthen our air shield. And it is evident that it helps save hundreds of lives every day and every night that would have been taken by Russian terror if it were not for the defense systems,” mentioned Zelensky.

According to the leader in Kyiv, Russia has launched approximately 170 “Shahed” attack drones and dozens of different missiles against Ukraine since December 31.

The Tuesday morning attacks on Kyiv occurred after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Monday that Ukraine’s strikes on Belgorod “will not go unpunished.”

Local officials stated that the attack killed 25 people, including five children. This followed Moscow’s widespread assault on Ukrainian cities on Friday, which killed over 40 people and injured 160.

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