Resilience in Moldova’s Apple Market Despite Russian Embargo: Prices Soar on High Demand

Even though local market players had serious concerns about the collapse of prices due to the Russian embargo imposed on all fresh produce from Moldova and the recent blockade of the Red Sea, which is the main export route for apples to the Middle East and Asia, the worst-case scenario did not materialize, as reported by EastFruit, a regional platform for agricultural information.

Furthermore, prices for high-quality apples have surged in Moldova, reflecting high demand. Apples from the main export varieties, such as Gala and its clones, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Golden, increased in price by 10-13% in the second half of December 2023. The highest increase was observed in premium-quality apples. Thus, wholesale prices for apples in Moldova are currently the highest in the last three years and 5-7% higher than usual.

The gradual increase in prices for superior-quality apples was mainly caused by an increase in deliveries to Romania. The figures at the end of December 2023 could significantly exceed the modest trade data from the fall, but it is likely to be slightly lower than the exports from the last two seasons during the same period.


In December 2022 and December 2021, Moldova exported from 10 to 21 thousand tons of fresh apples. According to EastFruit estimates, in December 2023, the export of Moldovan apples will show figures close to the lower end of the specified range. However, export prices will be higher than before, and revenues will remain close to the levels of 2021-2022 due to the improved quality of the apples exported from Moldova.

Thus, Russia’s ordinary attempt to harm Moldovan production has failed. Moreover, as in the case of Ukraine, this hostile manifestation will likely lead to increased production efficiency, improved quality of cultivated apples, and increased export revenues.

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