The Bunker of Olișcani, which was supposed to be a command center for the Soviet Army

The construction of the bunker in the Olișcani forest began during the Soviet period and was a secret facility at the time. The authorities invested approximately 32 million Soviet rubles in its construction.

At that time, the base, according to some information, was almost ready to be put into operation. It was intended to serve as a backup command post for the Southwest Directorate of the Warsaw Pact’s Joint Staff.

During the Soviet period, access to this road and the forest was strictly prohibited. Probably for this reason, the inhabitants of the village of Olișcani tell fearful stories about this construction. Even though it has been abandoned for almost three decades, people say they do not know the purpose of the bunker.


However, when the first signs of the USSR’s collapse appeared, construction at the facility in the Olișcani forest, where enormous amounts of public funds had already been spent (around 32 million rubles), came to a halt. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the base was abandoned, and in 1991, by presidential decree, all the weapons, ammunition, military equipment, military bases, and other assets belonging to the Soviet army units deployed in the territory of the republic were declared national heritage.

The bunker consists of two identical concrete and steel buildings with a diameter of 36 meters descending into the ground for a distance of approximately 60 meters or 12 levels. These two bunkers are connected by a network of tunnels.

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