Ukrainian refugees to receive cards for food and hygiene

Over the course of three months, around 350 families of Ukrainian refugees will benefit from cards worth 1,500 lei, in order to temporarily ensure their food and hygiene security. The project is carried out by Caritas Czech Republic and financed by Caritas Luxembourg. It will give refugees the dignity of choice in meeting their basic needs.

Adrian Petcu, communication assistant within Caritas Czech Republic, stated that 350 families will receive cards at the first stage of the project. Later, more people will benefit from such help. Families with two or more children, pregnant women, single people, pensioners who cannot work, as well as people with disabilities or chronic conditions will receive cards. At the moment, questionnaires are being made to assess the needs of Ukrainian refugees.


At the initial stage of the project, cards will be distributed to the families from several districts. Specifically, Criuleni, Călăraşi, Comrat, Ceadâr-Lunga and Vulcănești, districts. The cards will allow refugees to make personal decisions about the hygiene products and food they need. Eligible persons can request additional information about the distribution of cards from representatives of local public administrations.

The activity is part of the project “Ensuring food and hygiene security for vulnerable refugees from Ukraine”. It will be implemented by Caritas Czech Republic, with the support of Caritas Luxembourg.

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