Andrei Spînu, confident that we’ll have gas in the winter

We will not freeze in the winter, but we will have to save, says Andrei Spînu. The authorities do not rule out that we could run out of Russian gas 100%, but they claim that they have solutions.

The Minister of Infrastructure points out that there are seven steps to be taken by the Government. Among them are the identification of alternative energy resources, the purchase of coal, fuel oil and wood.

“We will continue to be honest and fair. The government has developed a set of measures to ensure that our citizens get through the cold season more easily. We will publish the Government’s decision for consultation”, declared Spînu.

The project provides for the establishment of a government commission to implement measures to mitigate the energy crisis. Specialists will analyze potential risks, in the case of three scenarios of natural gas limitation by Gazprom.

The government says that it will establish rules for businesses in case of gas supply limitations, increase the number of protected consumers, replenish fuel oil reserves, facilitate the import of coal, but also create premises for the population to have firewood fire. The first contracts for filling the national reserve have already been signed, according to Andrei Spînu.


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